Boosie Offers $554 For Fan Willing To Get Smacked In New Music Video


Boosie Badazz declared the recommendation in a video on his Instagram account.

Boosie Badazz as of late asked his Instagram adherents for petitions preceding his yearly malignant growth registration. The rapper has been going for consistently since having a medical procedure to eliminate a dangerous tumor in 2015 as a manner to guarantee he remains disappearing.

Boosie kept his adherents refreshed with a subsequent video showing himself in the lounge area with different patients, yet in the wake of advising his devotees he is sans malignancy, Boosie immediately got back to his typical online media shenanigans. On Friday, Boosie delivered his new single “Period” including Dababy, uncovering a video is in transit, simultaneously. “Video in transit soon,” he shouted in his all-covers subtitle.

After the tune’s delivery on Friday, Boosie followed it up with an Instagram video on Saturday, where he kept on prodding the music video for the joint effort, yet, in a peculiar way. Boosie said he would allow one of his adherents to be in the video on the off chance that they would get slapped.

Boosie begins, “I got $554 dollars,” prior to taking an emotional interruption and saying, ” [For] Whoever let me slap the f*** out them” on the “Time frame” video.”

“Period “Video shoot” I need 3 smacks cross yo s*** for the video for great camera points #pleasehelpmeout DM me if u attempting to get the 554,” the inscription of the video read.

Boosie proceeded to clarify how the scene will be shot, saying that the slap should be genuine.

“I need to come on that b****, n**** playing with me, I’m simply makng history him. BOP! In any case, it had the opportunity to be genuine however,” Boosie told supporters.

In the wake of communicating his energy to make the video a “reality,” Boosie supported any individual who is keen on being slapped for a little expense to DM him.

“On the off chance that you going to allow me to bat you I got $554 dollars. Genuine s*** I need to make this b**** reality. Me and this kid finna circumvent the city, the entire city smacking poop. Just shut the f*** up, you doing p**** s*** period. DM me [if] you need to get smacked, man,” Boosie finished the video.

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